Credit Repair

I know you have many questions about Credit Repair

we will try to answer a few of them for you here, but please give us a call; we are happy to answer all of your questions.

Description of service

O'rise Finance LLC is a professional credit repair company. It helps consumers challenge, dispute, and monitor their credit reports. It also provides credit education in an effort to change the way their customers view and manage their Personal credit.

How much does the Credit Repair cost?

Bad Credit comes at a high cost, whether you did the deed or not-Mark no mistake about that. But credit affects every aspect of your life, from the ability to buy a house the potential to land your dream job. O'Rise Finance LLC does not have a monthly fee, and our job is not to sell you your won credit report. We will direct you on how to obtain your credit report for free. Our flat rate is tailor to your needs, and for most, it's around $500 or less.

Why is Credit Repair So Important?

Credit affects our lives today more then we would like to acknowledge to ourselves. When you have "Bad Credit" everyone looks down their nose on you. Why? because they see you as the cash cow, the money mule that will pay more on the Loan application, interest rate, insurance premiums, and get less pay doing the same job if you get that job, to begin with.

How long negative items stay on your Credit Report?

Per the Law, there is a maximum of 7 Years for most items and 10 Years for bankruptcies. Though this is the law, Creditors are the owner of your information that they furnished to the Credit Bureaus, and they can choose to remove the malicious items with the right motivation.

What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is here to protect you; the consumer, creditors, and businesses use to target you with their predatory acts. They ensure fairness, accuracy, and privacy of your information collected by Creditors, Banks, and the Credit Bureaus. The Laws ensure that you can engage these entities to verify that your credit report’s information (data) is accurate.

How much dose credit repair cost?

There is no hard and fast answer to this question. It's all depends on you! Your goal and your credit situation. You may need more work is done on your credit or even less work done until we O'Rise Finance LLC have a chance to review your reports and build a personal game plan of action.

Is CreditRepair com legit?

yes, they are a legit company, but the real question is, can they help you to fix your credit in the timeframe that you need it done? they work on a monthly plan so there are no incentives to fix your credit fast, the longer you remain a customer is better for them. more money in their pocket. that is not the business plan O'rise finance adopts. we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. we also believe that you deserve a fast and reliable service.

Do it yourself repair credit?

Yes all of the work that we O'rise Finance LLC or any other credit repair companies dose you can do it yourself, there are mountains of sources out there that provides step by step instructions on how to fix/repair your credit, like the fair credit act, or any of the major credit reporting bureaus. but do you have the time and discipline to get it done right?

What does CreditRepair com do?

Credit Repair does multiple things, it is all based on "your" individual needs like fixing errors on your credit reports like Late Payments, multiple reporting of tradelines, Identity theft (tradelines that are not yours), and many more.

What are credit repair companies?

Credit Repair companies are anyone whos acting on your behalf to fix errors on your credit report. just like an attorney but in this case, they do not have a law license

Best Credit Repair Company

O'rise Finance LLC would like to consider ourselves and one of the best companies out there to fix your credit. But we will leave that up to our clients to be the judge of that. but a few things to look for are Reliability, Fast, willingness to genuinely help you, and your situation, knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and its applicable laws.

Should you pay for Credit Repair

Again, If you have the time and know the laws, I would say no do it yourself.

How to fix My Credit / Fix my credit score

Credit repair is not an easy or a quick fix it can sometimes take months sometimes years. but O'rise Finance Credit repair will make the process stress-free as our client, we start by doing a free credit analysis to give you a full unobstructed view of your credit. things that most overlooked could be a factor affecting your score or even the ability to fix the issue. I would say that's how to start repairing your credit.

CreditRepair Thru Realtors

many people found out that they have a credit issue through their realtor, they want to purchase a home and call up a realtor about it, then the realtor ran their credit to see if they qualify then brings to their attention all the errors that the report presents. 

O'rise Finance LLC Credit Repair works with a lot of realtors to fix their client's credit. they do not do the actual credit repair themselves, they source it out to companies like us. we do the work they get to sell a home and the circle keeps turning.

CreditRepair forums and technologies

There are countless blogs and forums on this topic. They will help you and subject like getting the right credit card to fixing your own credit. Most of them are just rehydrating or plagiarizing the same topic. One of the best sites that I found to be helpful is nerd wallet; they use their technologies to scan the net to find options that best suit your needs.

How to repair credit | How to repair your credit

Credit repair is not an easy or a quick fix it can sometimes take months sometimes years. but O'rise Finance LLC and make the process stress-free as our client, you start by doing a free analysis that will give you a full unobstructed view of your credit. things that most overlooked could be a factor affecting your score or even the ability to fix the issue. I would say that's how to repair your credit.

Credit Repair | Credit Repair Services

Credit repair or credit repair services or one of the same, you can conduct your own credit repair or hire credit repair services from a reputable credit repair agent.

Lexington law

Lexington law is linked to quite a few of these credit repairs companies like creditrepair com and creditwize com. they are believed to own by them. it's a tactic use to keep a firm grip on market share.

Credit Repair Near Me

Unless you want to walk up into a credit repair office to look at the staff in the eyes, it is not necessary. But O'rise Finance LLC service all 50 states and 99% of our clients never meet us but they are out happy clients.

Free Credit Repair

you cant repair your credit for free by following the steps outline by the credit bureaus and sites like credit karma. O'rise Finance LLC offers free credit repair help to DIY your credit repair.

Fast Credit Repair

if you are working with one of the monthly credit repair companies, you would know by now that they are not in any hurry to fix your credit fast. O'rise finance LLC pride ourselves on doing just that "fixing your credit fast".

Credit Repair login

O'rise Finance Login is on the upper right corner of our webpage in red, with the words login/signup. Click on the red button to open up the login page. there you will prompt to enter your user name (email) and password. if you do not yet have an account please click on sign-up to create an account and be prepared to enter the following: email, first and last name, Phone number, address. after entering your information continue by clicking submit. you will get a confirmation email confirming that your account was created.

Collection Agency

I do not think anyone likes these people yet it is a billion-dollar industry.  they make their money by betting you don't pay your bills.

Medical Bills

If you have an unpaid medical bill | medical debt by law after 180 days they can send it to a collection.

Pay for Delete letter

pay for delete letter is a letter that agrees to remove the tradeline (collection) from your credit profile.

If we aren’t meeting your expectations or you no longer need our service, you can cancel at any time. Just remember, credit repair isn’t going to happen overnight.
To do so, you can cancel your engagement agreement at any time by calling 1-866-288-7127.

all cancellation is enforced by the contract agreement.